Fluvial Egg Drift Simulator


Version 1.4 Now Available                                                

A three-dimensional Lagrangian model capable of evaluating the influence of flow velocity, shear dispersion and turbulent diffusion on the transport and dispersal patterns of Asian carp eggs is presented. The model’s variables include not only biological behavior (growth rate, density changes) but also the physical characteristics of the flow field, such as mean velocities and eddy diffusivities.

In order to use FluEgg, begin by downloading the latest FluEgg executable file for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows OS. You will download a ZIP file which you have to extract first. Don't delete or rearrange any file or folder.

The FluEgg executable file requieres the 2013a MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), if you don't have MATLAB 2013a installed in your computer, you will need to download and install the 2013a MCR.

To run FluEgg,double click on the executable file corresponding to your operating system (e.g.  FluEggV14_64bits.exe).  When the FluEgg executable is ran, a black console window appears. After that, the FluEgg user interface will appear.  For the program to run, both windows must be open.


Windows Notes

MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR)

32-bit / 64-bit Install the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) first.

FluEgg Version 2.0 Beta

FluEgg 64-bit  
FluEgg 32-bit upon request
Includes a new species: Grass carp.


Upcoming article:

Garcia, T., et al., 2015. Application of the FluEgg model to predict transport of Asian carp eggs in the Saint Joseph River (Great Lakes tributary), J. Great Lakes Res.